Beintehaa episode 100

The episode starts at Qureshi Mansion, all of them arrive there, the women go in a separate room, all are mourning, Nusz, Zuhaib and Shoaib make an entry, Armaan walks up to him, Armaan: Bhaijaan… Are you okay?

How do you know? All get shocked, Zuha: Sanju… How can Alina do that? Zuha then leaves, Nusz looks at Sanju and nods, Sanju nods back.

beintehaa episode 100

Alina: Nothing… Azraa: Somethings is troubling you. Alina stands up and throws a picture of her and Farhaan. Armaan and Zuha get shocked, Alina shouts: I hate them! I hate all of them!!

They made me cry and today I have no grieve in loosing him!

He deserved it!! And I will take my revenge! Enough of their happy days… Now I will come as their bad luck!! Azraa and Fata look on, Armaan and Zuha sees the family photo off and the photo she broke. We loved her and took care of her when our parents died and… And this much hatred? Armaan and Zuha think. Zuhaib is sitting down, Shoaib then takes his wheelchair, Zuhaib: Where are you taking me?

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Zuhaib: Nusz? Sunehri, Kriya and Nusz look on. Aaliya sees Sulaimaan stressed and sitting, she walks up to him, Aaliya: Are you okay? Tears roll down Sulaimaans eyes, Jo bejhi thi dua… Starts playing in the BG… Aaliya touches his shoulder and consoles him, Zain sees this and looks on, he gets angry when Sulaimaan touches Aaliya back.

Aaliya: Whatever happened was destined… Nothing is in our hands… Jo bejhi thi dua…continues playing…. All get sad, Ayaan also consoles her. Sad tune plays in the BG…. Shoaib nods yes, Sunehri: Why did you change your identity…? Shoaib: I changed and my identity changed as well… Bhai gave this name and I appreciate it… Sunehri: If you have to choose between me and your Bhaijaan then who would you choose?Inicio Finalizado Peliculas Audio latino Subiendo. Beintehaa: 1x Episodio Compartido 1 Facebook Twitter.

Episodio 1 Dec. Episodio 2 Dec. Episodio 3 Jan. Episode 4 Jan. Episodio 5 Jan. Episodio 6 Jan. Episodio 7 Jan. Episodio 8 Jan. Episodio 9 Jan. Episodio 10 Jan. Episodio 11 Jan.

Beintehaa Episode 1 - 100

Episodio 12 Jan. Episodio 13 Jan. Episodio 14 Jan. Episodio 15 Jan. Episodio 16 Jan. Episodio 17 Jan. Episodio 18 Jan. Episodio 19 Jan. Episodio 20 Jan. Episodio 21 Jan. Episodio 22 Jan.Beintehaa transl. Salame Ishq: the story of love" is a Hindi-language Indian television series. The series has also been dubbed in Turkish and aired in Kanal 7 channel in the name Benimsin. Charming brat Zain Abdullah and the pretty, cultured Aaliya Haider have been rival cousins since childhood.

They eventually grow up and meet again, but a series of misunderstandings lead them being forced to marry. Zain wants to get rid of her, as he never wanted to get married and only wanted to have girlfriends.

Fahad's wives Nafisa and Shazia hate each other. It is revealed that Fahad married Shazia as Suraiya wanted a male heir but Nafisa didn't gave birth to a boy. Zain and Aaliya become friends when they help Fahad who has landed in trouble with some goons.

beintehaa episode 100

Aayat gets into trouble and Zain helps her out without informing his family. He meets with an accident and is injured. During the investigation, Aaliya finds out Zain helped Aayat and his accident was caused by Rocky Singh who owned a brothel and had deceived Aayat.

Suraiya, who dislikes Aaliya emotionally blackmails her which makes Aaliya leave the house. Zain finds out later and brings her back home. Fahad and Osman plan to make Zain and Aaliya fall in love. During meantime, it's revealed that Suraiya dislikes Aaliya and her family because Barkat was kidnapped by Mir. Aaliya promises to bring Barkat back. Zain and Aaliya finally find Barkat. Joyous, Suraiyya starts liking Aaliya and her family again, which makes Shazia and Nafisa unhappy.

Zain realizes that he has fallen in love with Aaliya. Then, Zubair is introduced. Zain thinks that Aaliya loves Zubair when he sees them together not knowing they are cousins.Sign In.

beintehaa episode 100

Edit Crime Patrol Dial —. Prakash 3 episodes, Teetu Verma Susheel 2 episodes, Richa Tiwari Jhumer's Teacher 2 episodes, Ayushi Anand Village Guy 1 episode, Suzanne Bernert Sonia 1 episode, Javed Khan Sunil 1 episode, Abhishek Bhalerao Informer 1 episode, Suumeet Darshan Shantanu 1 episode, Anil Gavas Ram Kadam 1 episode, Poonam Gurung Lokesha 1 episode, Ajinkya Pitale Amey 1 episode, Rajveer singh Rajput 1 episode, Ashi Singh Daughter role 1 episode, Atul Singh Salil Das 1 episode, Anup Soni Self 1 episode, Pankaj Berry 1 episode, Kaivalya Chheda Veera 1 episode, Pippa Hughes Jane Brown 1 episode, Gaurav Nanda Associate Director 4 episodes, Anumita Singh Associate Creative Head 79 episodes, ShekharwaliaGhulam says that after speaking to Gauhar, me and Shabana have taken a decision.

Aaliya says his abbu she will accept his decision. Ghulam says Gauhar has not hidden anything from me.

Beintehaa All Episodes

Shabana says this kid is taking oath on her kid and cannot lie. Ghulam says we have to stop this engagement now and Shabana says it is best at this time to stop it.

Shabana drags Aayath from the stage. Aayath says she is always wrong. Ghulam says Aaliya is always right. Aaliya says he is dragging the issue. Zain says it is good I saw a selfish Aaliya and thanks her. Shaziya asks what about Gauhar. She says Gauhar will marry Rizwan, though you and Chakkiwala threw Gauhar out.

Surayya says Aaliya is very egoistic, she will go against Zain and let Rizwan marry Gauhar. With that, Zain will throw Aaliya out. She is waiting for that day. Shaziya gets happy hearing that. Zain says it is Rizwan and Aaliya, only 2 lives. Aaliya asks what about Gauhar and her child.

Zain asks her to remember her words that if Zubair is innocent, she will not be able to forgive herself and now he wantgs to asks if she will forgive herself if she will know that Gauhar is lying, never. Surayya says fantastic, then asks Gauhar to continue crying in front of Aaliya, she will let Gauhar marry Rizwan.You can change your city from here.

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Aaliya runs towards Zain and happily hugs him. Aaliya professes her love for him and says if they would not have met again, she would not have told him I love you. Zain reminds him that he told her I love you many times. She asks if she told it to him. Zain jokes as if he has Aaliyas in his life. Aaliya says he cannot handle 1 Aaliya, with Aaliyas he would have gone mad. She then holds her ears and says him sorry.

He also holds his ears and says her sorry. She says she will not get angry on him again. Even he says the same.

She says she will not do kitkit with him again. Zain says she should do kitkit. Aaliya says she will do kitkit from from tomorrow. Zain and Aaliya reach home. Ghulam, Shabana and whole family get happy. She asks why did they run out without informing them. Zain says they got back each other today. Zain then changes his words and says he lost Aaliya and found himself.

beintehaa episode 100

Ghulam says that is the specialty of Bhopal. Badi phupi asks them all to come in. Surayya calls Zain and asks if he stuck in riots. Zain says he was in home. Surayya asks him not to tell lie and says he gets into trouble whenever he goes to Bhopal.

Beintehaa - Full Episode 106 - With English Subtitles

Zain says Aaliya got stuck in riots and he had to go out to bring her back and gives phone to Aaliya. Aaliya speak to Surayya, but Surayya cuts the call saying she will speak later. Shabana comes there and asks Zain and Aaliya to take bath and rest.

Zain says she was stuck in tempo whole night and he is also tired, so they should rest. Zain says she is tired and needs rest.


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