Ffxi jobs

You can accept the quest from two places, Selbina and Mhaura. Selbina has easier monsters, but the Ghouls are hard to find. Mhaura is generally harder, but Bogy's are easier to find than Ghouls in general. There you will see an old man, who claims he will give you useful information if you complete some tasks. This is easy. Just head out to Valkurm with a decent group, and slaughter all the DamselFlies you see. They will drop a worm randomly. Make sure to have a WHM to cure any poison you may get.

This is the hard one. These skulls are found on Ghouls, who only spawn at night on Valkurm, or in some dungeons. These can be accessed from the Konascht Highlands.

Head a bit down into the mines with a group, and draw out Ghouls and kill them. Hope you get lucky The easiest item to get. Head to the beaches or oasises on Valkurm, and kill Snippers until they drop the apron. This usually drops relatively quickly. She, like the man in Selbina, requires the completion of 3 tasks.

This isn't too bad. Just search Buburimu Penninsula for Bull Dhamels with a party, and defeat them.

ffxi jobs

You should get some spit pretty quickly. This is also relatively easy. Simply head out to Bubu again, and kill Mighty Rarabs until they drop a tail. This is the worst one. Get a very strong group, or a high level to help you out. They only spawn at night, but aren't too rare. After you complete the quest, the option to set a Support Job appears in your mog house.

When you choose this option, you can select any job except your current job to be your support job. When equipped, the game will actually "cap" the level of your support job.The digest covers key features from the most recent version update.

Check out the video, try the version update, and leave feedback based on your experience of playing the new content.

Proceed to the forums to watch the video. New Deeds of Heroism rewards have been added and Ambuscade has undergone the monthly updates. Read on for details. For a limited time only, defeat the Lumoria region notorious monsters representing the seven virtues, and they just might drop an Aern weapon.

Additionally, vanquishing Absolute Virtue might just yield a new sheet of orchestrion tunes for Al'Taieu! Campaign Period: Saturday, April 11, at a.

PDT to Thursday, April 30, at a.

Final Fantasy XI: Dark Knight Guide

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FFXI Job and Race Combinations

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The definitive guide for FFXI jobs.

The debut episode of the North American Community team's Primed for Adventure live stream series has been archived and is ready for your viewing pleasure! In this episode, the Community team premiered the series by showcasing some quality of life changes, pointers on how to get started, briefly touched upon what is possible to do once reaching level 99, and showcased some of the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel missions.

View the archived video on the official Twitch channel. The next version update is scheduled for early April.After reading multiple questions regarding the role of jobs in Final Fantasy XI, along with their popularity among the community in terms of party invitation's, I decided to make a definitive guide to the jobs of Final Fantasy XI. I will include a detailed description of each job categorized by their primary role along with an accurate estimation of how often these jobs get an invitation to a party expressed in the following forms: very low, low, moderate, high and very high based upon level ranges of, and I will also list the recommended sub job for each job based upon how efficient they are.

Also, my "statistics" for the party invitation rate are based upon my own experiences, along with the experiences of many other people, including those from my linkshell. I would also like to express my gratitude to the people who wrote the guides to which I have linked to throughout my own guide especially Allakhazam and FFXIclopediawhich had great sources of informationalong with the moderator who stickied this topic and the people who are making this guide as descriptive as possible by giving great suggestions, keep them coming!

Added an "end-game scale" and a "mission scale" on a rating system of numbers between 1,2,3 bad 4,5,6 average 7,8,9,10 good.

The end-game scale rates a job's usefulness in all end-game area's based upon how many roles that certain job can take on in end-game areas versatility and effectiveness in the roles the job plays in the end-game areas.

The mission-scale rates a job's usefulness during storyline mission's. These scales are based on my sole opinion, as I have finished the entire storyline for each section of the game along with being apart of the end-game scene for multiple years and I thought I might share my opinion on how useful I see each job during these situations.

Added a section on the recommended race for each job. Also, the general rule of thumb for the races in FFXI is that Hume and Mithra having the most balanced stats are well-suited for any job, being able to pick up any role and not suffer the burden of substandard natural attributes because of race, but also not having the ability to necessarily excel as well as an Elf or Galka at a melee job or a Tarutaru at a mage job. I would also like to say that even though some races excel more at certain roles then others, each race has the ability to be as efficient at any job as any other race.

I am merely pointing out which races have a natural advantage over another race. Capable of wearing heavy armor, able to take damage as well as deal it ten-fold. Warriors are capable of wielding nearly every weapon-type available in-game, specializing in the single-handed sword, the two-handed sword, single-handed axe and two-handed axe.

If you're interested in a job that excels in both DPS Damage-per-secondspike damage big damage numbers every so often and being able to tank as a second-handed equivalent to that of a Paladin crossed with a Ninja, then look no further then Warrior. Party invitation rate from level low, invitation rate from moderate, invitation rate from moderate, invitation rate from high. The Monk specializes in wearing light armor along with mainly using hand-to-hand weaponry.

At first sight, it would look as if Monks were as capable, if not more proficient at tanking then a Warrior, due to their large amounts of health. Unfortunately due to their lack of heavy-armor, Monks do not make for key tanks, although they do have the ability to take the punches as they deal the punches themselves.

ffxi jobs

What Monks lack in tanking though, they more then make up for in their amazing DPS damage, as hand-to-hand weapons have extremely low cool-down times. If you're interested in a job that excels in amazing DPS damage about the same as Warrior, if not more-so then look no further then Monk.The following is a list of jobs from Final Fantasy XI.

Six basic jobs are available at the start of the game.

ffxi jobs

One is chosen by the player when their character is created; this choice will decide what equipment the character starts with e. After attaining level 30 in a basic job, 14 advanced jobs become available for the player to obtain, each requiring a quest to be completed first. Players can change their job at any time by returning to their Mog House or speaking with a Nomad Moogle. These are found in major cities and minor cities, respectively.

Players do not have a separate player level and job level. They become whatever level their job level is as each job is leveled independently. A unique part of the job system is the "Support Job". This system allows players to augment their character with abilities, traits, and spells from another chosen job at half the level of their current job.

For instance a level 20 Warrior could set Ninja as their support job. This allows them to use all Ninja abilities, traits, and spells up to that of a level 10 Ninja while still primarily being a level 20 Warrior. The support job system has no restrictions as to what may be set and allows for many job combinations. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Job lists. Final Fantasy XI player character. Job classes. Recurring jobs. Game specific. Character specific. Lightning Equilibrium - Knight of Etro. Lists of jobs. Categories :. Cancel Save. Performer - Pirate - Swordmaster - Valkyrie - Vampire.

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Please log in to reply. Posted 11 November - PM. Macstorm Whipped Members 17, posts. Here is one thing that the guide is ok for If you are looking to pick up FFXI or switch jobs, here's a listing of the each races best jobs.

Good info, and I love that last line laugh. Ifto 6, polygons per krundle Member 11, posts. It wouldn't be tough, but your defense and HP would be useless. You are not supposed to get hit as a ranger in a party. Elvaan are not as accurate as most of the other races. At least better than Araina is.

She has no desire to tank; she wants to deal damage. She could be a Yevon Warrior Monk. Posted 04 May - PM. Sephi Curse you Frances, curse you Member 18, posts. Switch and level unfortunatly Posted 11 May - AM. Wixavion Member Members posts.Edit this page. History Source Print. Edit navigation. In Final Fantasy XI, you are given the choice to choose your job.

You can change this job at any time in your Mog House. Some jobs may require level 30 in an initial job and completing a quest to become available. When you reach level 18, it is also possible to choose a sub-job.

This also requires completing a quest, and can be changed in your Mog House like regular jobs. The act of changing a job can be a bit of a grueling experience with all its equipment changes. It is recommended that you write up a macro that changes your equipment to the appropriate ones for the job. Note that while the Chains of Promathia expansion did add new jobs, these jobs do not require the expansion to become available, only the main game is required for them.

The Black Mage is an initial job, and can be chosen from the beginning of your adventure. The Black Mage is a damage dealer job, no doubt about it. Your job in a party as a Black Mage involves mostly remembering not to nuke too much, for you are bound to catch hate, and possibly topping off skillchains with a Magic Burst.

ffxi jobs

However, these days the Black Mage is not commonly accepted into level-up parties. You will have trouble getting into them before achieving level 75 and participating in some end-game activities. While the job has a bad defense and not much physical offense, it is entirely possible to solo your way to Commonly this is done by alternately nuking and sleeping the target, and healing for MP while the target sleeps.

Another good way is to join into a manaburn party with other offensive mages and nuke your way to more levels. The Monk is an initial job, and can be chosen from the beginning of your adventure. Monk is mainly a damage dealer, but can also fulfill the role of a tank with their high HP - especially if subbing Ninja. Other possible subjobs are Warrior, White Mage at highest levelsand maybe Thief - although this should be reserved for farming purposes only.

The Monk's specialty is hand-to-hand fighting, and this is what Monks should rely on for most of the game. They should also be careful, as the Monk's quick attacking skills and some of their abilities can generate more hate than any but the most skillful tank can pull off of you.

The Red Mage is an initial job, and can be chosen from the beginning of your adventure. Red Mage in party-play is most commonly a healer with potent enfeebling and enhancing spells to top it off. Most Red Mages would sub White Mage for the added healing power, although some who do not like the role of a healer will sub Black Mage. Come level 48, the Red Mage will have gained all their major spells. These are RefreshConvert and Haste. This allows them to distribute MP to all the party members that require MP to do their jobs, keep up their own MP with minimal down-time, and keep up a Haste cycle on the party members that require it - in most cases, that would be the tank and DDs if the tank is a good one, but may include the RDM themselves.

The Thief is an initial job, and can be chosen from the beginning of your adventure. A Thief is a damage dealer job, although the least effective one of them of the six initial jobs. Thieves often sub Warrior, Monk or Ninja. Even otherwise, you should prepare for a lot of pulling, as Thief should be particularly useful for that.

Thieves also have the advantage in farming for gil because of their many abilities and traits related to easier obtaining of gil and items.A Support Job subjob is a secondary job, restricted if applicableto half the level of the Main Job rounded down ; the subjob provides access, with a few exceptions, to the Job Abilities and Job Traits based upon the restricted level of the subjob. The "Standard Jobs" below are those jobs that are available to all players at the beginning of the game.

The "Extra Jobs" are available upon completion of certain quests. Specializing in the arts of battle, warriors act as shields, protecting their comrades from enemy attacks. Warrior Support Job. By using recovery spells and healing magic, white mages ensure a party's survival. White Mage Support Job. These fighter-mages can utilize both black and white magic, as well as the arts of the sword. Red Mage Support Job. With their bodies that double as deadly weapons, monks attack enemies with explosive strength-filled punches and kicks.

Monk Support Job. Through devastating magic spells, black mages bring tremendous firepower to the battlefield. Black Mage Support Job. Specializing in covert actions, thieves are masters in the art of controlling the flow of battle. Thief Support Job. By completing certain quests after reaching level 30, the door to many other exciting jobs will open. Paladins specialize in close-range combat, just like warriors. However, through long hours of spiritual training, paladins have acquired the ability to cast white magic spells, making them even more valuable on the battlefield.

Paladin Support Job. To strengthen themselves in battle, not only have these outlaw warriors mastered the ways of numerous weapons, but they have also acquired certain black magic spells to torment their enemies.

Dark Knight Support Job. These experts in monster research have trained tirelessly to communicate with--and even control--the animals of Vana'diel. Beastmaster Support Job. A bright tune to soothe a party's wounds A brisk march to raise a party's spirits A forbidden chant to weaken a party's foes The bards of Vana'diel use music as their weapon.

Bard Support Job.


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